Lane Knaack began snowboarding when he was 6 years old in upstate New York. In the early 90's, his family moved to Southern Vermont where he attended Okemo Mountain School. He began training and competing in events as a professional snowboarder. When he was 18, Lane left the east coast to continue pursuing his dream in Mammoth Lakes, California. He is well known for his parts in the Grenade movies as well as his own film, the Chronicles of Gnarlia.


In his early 20's, Lane's focus shifted and he ended his professional snowboarding career. Like many young athletes, he was faced with the harsh reality of figuring out a new career path. With his passion for snowboarding and his background as a park rider he decided to pivot into terrain park building. He was hired at Boreal, where he started out on the hand crew.


For almost ten years, Lane worked hard and fine-tuned his skill set, he learned how to operate heavy equipment, he taught himself how to weld in order to maintain the parks rails and became an expert in terrain park building. Alongside his team at Boreal, he became responsible for creating fun and safe terrain park features for riders of all ability levels.  When Lane decided to move back east to start his own welding business, he quickly realized that the demand for professional terrain park fabrication has grown exponentially and he was drawn back into the resort industry, this time with his own company and a fully equipped shop.



FUN We are riders.  We understand what your guests expect and enjoy most.  Our goal is to build features that will be enjoyed for years to come by riders and skiers of all ages and ability levels. SAFETY Our features are built with safety in mind, first and foremost.  We work with Effective Edge to follow US Industry Best Practices.

 BUDGET HFM strives to reduce waste and we can help you to maintain, repair or reuse existing features while maximizing materials to build new ones. We are located in the USA and can offer competitive delivery rates. QUALITY With 10+ years of experience, countless hours of welding and fabrication and an eye for detail - you can count on us to deliver a quality product. We will work with your marketing dept. to ensure branding, logos and feature colors are correct and executed professionally. All of our products are hand built in the USA.


Our vision is to create and deliver the highest quality terrain park features and tools for resorts across the US. We will work with your staff to build a park that will be enjoyed by guests for years to come.

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