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About HFM

Our goal is to be able to bring your vision to life. We love collaborating with our clients to create unique projects and products. Our love for repairing and fixing is at the core of the company – we strive to live and work as sustainably as possible and if making a repair can help to maintain the useful life of an item while reducing waste, we are all for it.

We use a program called Sketchup in order to create visual models of our build-outs (whether you are looking for a garden arbor or a custom headache rack for your truck),  this tool helps us to collaborate clearly with our clients on custom projects. We pride ourselves on being fair and upfront with our pricing – and no job is too small. We are also fully mobile for larger or off grid projects. Feel free to reach out with any questions or to discuss your project and get a quote from us.

About Lane

HFM Welding Co. was born out of my long-time impulse to repair anything and everything in need of fixing.  I first taught myself to weld while working in the terrain park at Boreal Ski Resort, in Lake Tahoe.   On occasion, the park’s rails would become damaged by heavy equipment.  If my boss wasn’t around to make repairs, we would be dead in the water.  One day I picked up the arc welder and just started to figure things out on my own.  Over the next 9 years I would go on to assist in the design and creation of terrain park features, signage, and general repairs at Boreal.

From that point on, I was really drawn to fabrication, building out motorcycles, and working on various restoration projects.  I eventually left the Ski Resort Industry and enrolled in a welding program to broaden my skill set – I studied print reading, structural welding and pipe fitting.   After leaving school in 2018, starting HFM was the natural next step.  Since then, I have worked on various projects including vintage camper remodels, custom signage, manufacturing terrain park tools and features, fabricating truck bed additions and alterations as well as trailer modifications.

lane and his family